Budapest Healthcare

Budapest Health CareBudapest HealthCare provides you with access to high quality, guaranteed and affordable healthcare services in Budapest, Hungary. We pride ourselves in helping you to get the best quality treatments and we can suggest some additional ways to make the whole trip more enjoyable.
Our cosmetic surgery prices will save you 70% to what you would pay for cosmetic surgery in the UK, you stay abroad in EU.

  • How we work:

Identify individual needs of each client.
Provide access to high quality, affordable health care.
Design and facilitate a cost effective personalised trip.
Help to make the whole experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible.
Offer possibilities for combining the treatment with a perfect holiday in Budapest.
We deliver our services with Wold Class Customer Care.
We only work with Doctors and Dentists that meet our and our clients high expectations.

  • Free services:

Find you the best clinic, doctor or dentist.
Find you the best price for your treatments.
Prepare your treatment plan– make a timetable together with the doctors (possible time and length of the treatments).
Arrange your accomodation, flights and any other special needs.
Airport pick up and drop off.
24 hour customer care.

  • During your stay in Budapest we will:

find you accomodation near the Clinic, according to your request on price.
pick you up at the airport, take you to the Hotel and to the Clinic.
provide you with a mobile phone on arrival so that you can call us any time while you are in Budapest.
Suggest and/or arrange tourist attractions, sigthseeing, etc.
your treatment.

One of our consultants will be happy to design the best solution to match your travel and health needs.

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