Dental services in detail

We offer a full range of dental services:

Dental implants:
As our life span increases, a permanent dental replacement such as implants is increasingly important as we get older. While dentures are usually loose and unstable, implants provide you with dental replacements that are both natural looking and very functional. Implants look much better, and feel better, than traditional dentures, and offer the same force for biting as bridges that are fixed in place. Implants will last your lifetime.

We have introduced a new technology to minimise discomfort and healing times. Our “immediately loadable implants” use the latest in minimal-invasive surgery. The gum is not cut, meaning that there is almost no swelling or damage and therefore minimal discomfort. In addition the implants are high-tech German-made single units – no screws or other elements as with the traditional two-phase methods. If your bone structure is good enough to support this technology, then you can leave with a new, permanent smile after only one week!
The traditional two-phase implant procedure is a surgical placement of an implant or implants into your jaw bone which requires a three to six month healing period before the implant restoration to replace the missing tooth or teeth. During this healing period, the bone grows in and around the titanium implant creating a very strong support. As long as you have enough bone in the area of the missing tooth to facilitate the anchorage of the implants, this procedure can yield terrific results. If you do not have enough sufficient bone for this purpose, a bone graft may be necessary. The procedure of building up the bone is known as Bone Grafting. Bone grafting is a common and safe procedure with dental implants.


Having an implant placed instead of a dental bridge or denture has many benefits. An implant supported tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth, does not affect adjacent teeth, is much easier to clean and maintain. They are also strong and able to perform the same functions as natural teeth.

Not everyone is suitable for dental implants. For successful implantation patients must have an adequate amount of bone around the site of the implant, a very high level of oral hygiene and the ability to heal quickly. Implant is the best option to replace one tooth in a healthy neighbouring.

Implants are the best option when you have lost not just your teeth, but your bones as well.

The most visible part of your profile is your upper front teeth and the supporting bones. When you do loose your upper teeth and the bones, called alveolus, the nose will be much closer to your chin giving you a big & long witch nose appearance.

Added to this the lower teeth would elongate worsening both the functionality and esthetics.

The best alternative your alveolus (bone) could be replaced is by implantation and bone augmentation. An artificial bone, with a menmbrane covering it could enlarge your alveolus to the extend as in the past with your natural teeth.

With the implantation a complete functional and esthetical replacement could have been achieved.

Teeth whitening:

It’s fast, easy and painless! It is a bleaching process that reverses discolorations of the outside layer of tooth structure. Tooth whitening can be done by two different methods: 1. The home whitening system, prepared in our office and completed by you at home. 2. An in-office whitening system which is completed in one visit. The in-office tooth whitening system uses a whitening solution that is stronger than the home whitening solution. The teeth to be whitened are isolated and kept dry. The whitening solution is applied to the teeth and is activated by shining a high intensity light source on each tooth. This procedure is repeated three times, and in about one hour the teeth are noticeably whiter. Patients are cautioned against the use of any foods or substances (red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco products, blueberries, etc.) that may cause staining for 48 hours after in-office whitening. Communication, understanding and cooperation are the keys to the success of your tooth whitening program.


Once you have bleached your teeth they will never return to their original colour. The results will last for years and can easily be touched up using a touch up gels should any discolouration occur. A high level of oral hygiene will need to be maintained including flossing daily and brushing twice daily to maintain the teeth. However, discolouration can reoccur with continued consumption of tea,coffee, red wine and smoking.

What is a crown?

A crown can be made from either gold or porcelain and is a cap that is specially designed to cover a tooth. Teeth are generally crowned for:

– either cosmetic reasons

– the tooth may have fractured or a considerable amount of the tooth is filling leaving the tooth weak and susceptible to further breakage.

– the tooth may have had Root Canal Treatment and is therefore weak and liable to fracture.

You’ll want to look at it again and again… A Cercon dental restoration makes no compromises in aesthetics, compatibility, durability and function. What’s more, your all-ceramic restoration will have an excellent insulating effect and you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant sensations with hot or cold meals and drinks. Cercon smart ceramics may also enable a more gentle treatment with less tooth preparation. Thanks to the excellent tough qualities of zirconium oxide, your dentist may be able to preserve more healthy tooth substance – depending on the individual initial situation. There are not many materials, such as natural diamond, which combine exceptional beauty and strength.

Gold ceramic
A dental crown where the metal part is produced using the method of electroplating. As a result of this it is a perfect fit and is very thin so the porcelain veneer can be made thicker than on a ceramo-metal crown, resulting in better aesthetics. Another advantage is that it is free from additives and composition metals, it is 99.8% pure gold and well-tolerated by the human body. The underlying gold matrix provides strength and a warm and bright core over which the layering of ceramics can be optimised to imitate the aesthetics of natural teeth. The high gold alloy is bio-compatible and non-allergenic.

All ceramic

All ceramic crowns may be made of porcelain or dental ceramic materials. They create an extremely natural-looking appearance and are typically used on front teeth. The tooth-coloured ceramic material is translucent, like the enamel of natural teeth, and size and shade can be carefully matched to complement the rest of your smile. However, ceramic dental crowns are not as resilient as metal crowns and do not function as well on back teeth, which sustain a lot of pressure from biting and chewing. All ceramic crowns are an aesthetic and durable alternative for the treatment of cracked teeth, space issues or tooth size discrepancies. What’s more, porcelain crowns can correct minor alignment problems as well as tooth shapes or colour.

Metal ceramic

Dental crowns made of porcelain fused to metal are stronger than all-ceramic versions and more aesthetically pleasing than those made of metal. However, their metal shell gives porcelain fused to metal crowns an opaque appearance. Because they lack the reflective quality of natural teeth, porcelain fused to metal crowns are not as discreet as all ceramic crowns. Additionally, over time, a thin metal band may be visible along the gum line with this type of crown. They are extremely durable and can last for a long time. Metal ceramic crowns may consist of various materials, including palladium, cobalt, or chromium alloy.

What are veneers?

Veneers can be either made of composite or porcelain and are designed to cover unsightly teeth that are perhaps discolored or chipped. They adhere to the original tooth surface and will provide you with a perfect smile for years.

Porcelain veneers are thin, semi-transparent porcelain “shells” that are bonded to your teeth. There are many advantages to having porcelain veneers placed on your front teeth. The natural tooth structure is maximally preserved. Only a small amount of tooth structure is removed. Individual teeth of dissimilar colour and contour can be beautifully matched beyond detection with porcelain veneers. The porcelain veneer process actually laminates and strengthens the tooth with a layer of porcelain. A healthy, natural and beautiful smile is achieved with porcelain veneers.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is designed to provide a patient who is missing a tooth or teeth in the same area of the mouth, the opportunity to have a false tooth made to fill the existing space. This is done by crowning the teeth on either side of the space and attaching a false tooth/teeth to the crowns.


Dentures are an easy way of replacing missing teeth, and are a lot more affordable than implant or bridge work. We are able to construct dentures for single tooth replacement, partial tooth loss or replacement of all teeth. Dentures are constructed during a few visits to our practice where we take impressions of the mouth and gradually construct a denture to suit every patients; individual needs.

What is bleaching?

We have a take home bleaching system that allows you to bleach your teeth whilst you sleep. Bleaching is a very safe and non invasive method of achieving that perfectly white Hollywood smile.