Diagnostic testing

Smaller specialist examinations

Laboratory tests
Internal examination
Abdomen and small-pelvis ultrasound

Laboratory tests
Blood test (full blood count and blood chemistry), urinalysis, stools analysis
Further medical examinations are started in every case with making a data sheet (case history, complaints, medicines, lifestyle), and ending with a summarizing expert opinion and suggestions.

Dermatological examination
General dermatological specialist examination, dermatoscopical (skin microscopical) birthmark and skin tumor testing. For request medical cosmetological consultation: characteristics of the skin type, skin care, questions of light protection and photo aging, aneurysms, laser solutions for capillary vein and vessel origin birthmarks. Wrinkle fill up with hyarulon acid, botox treatment opportunities, medical permanent depilation with laser, discussing the surgical removal with laser of cosmetologically disturbing skin alterations, describing the personally methods, and for request we can make the treatments at a discussed date.

Internal examination
General internal examination, full-scale physical examination, blood-pressure test, diagnostic value indexes (body mass index, HOMA index, wall tension index), double product, GFR, standard 12 diverting EKG.

Otolaryngological examination

Examination of the external ear, auditory duct, ear-drum, nose examination (frontal sinuses), gorge, and oral cavity examination, larynx examination (status and movement of vocal cords), tumor screening (epi-, meso-, hypopharynx, larynx), plexus examination, orientalist auditory test.

Urological examination
Urological examination, if needed PSA testing

Reumatological examination
Full-scale examination of locomotive parts, prevention, screening, screening of early arthritis, examination of locomotive illnesses caused by overweight or metabolic diseases, dietetic consultation, bone density measurement and examinations of osteoporosis, examination of tunnel syndromes.

Complex ophthalmological examination
Rift-lamp examination, fundus examination, eye-pressure examination, visus examination.

Gynaecological examination
Gynaecological screening, bimanual examination, cytological smear, coloscopical examination, physical examination of the breast.
Abdomen and small-pelvis ultrasound examination
Examination of the liver, bile passage and bile reservoir, spleen, uterus, ovary or prostate, kidneys, adrenals, vesica, gastric and bowels, abdomen and small-pelvis lymphoma, and the pancreas.
If you are taking part yearly in our complex medical screenings, the illnesses which come up meanwhile can’t develop so much, that the cure of them would be problematic.