“I have been seeing Budapest Healthcare as my dentist consultants recently. I have had examinations, cleans, fillings and extractions done. Staff was very gentle and I felt very comfortable. They all had a calm soothing manner; and their dentists listen to their patients, caring for their well being and not only for their teeth. I try to promote the work of Budapest Healthcare to all my friends and relatives who are seeing them now too.”
– Robin

“I have found Budapest Healthcare to be very capable in their work, confident, responsible and always a cheerful organisation. Their dentists are very quick and effective, yet gentle at the same time. I have never had a dentistry like that before. I highly recommend them to anyone.”
Theodore Pasquali

“I have been seeing Budapest Healthcare as my dentisry recently. As a parent I recommend them highly as our family dentist. They are very supportive, gentle, and calm and also caring towards peoples pain levels, which used to be my fear. Their staff is also prepared to fit in emergency appointments and I’m impressed at the way they follow up patient’s conditions and friendly reminders. I feel comfortable in asking advice from the staff because they are trained and multi skilled. I know I get my money’s worth at each visit due to high quality of care.”
Margaret McLomon

“Thank you for putting up with such a scaredy cat, but the operation was no so bad as I thought it would be. I am recovering well”