Why treatment in Hungary?

Hungary offers a range of excellent healthcare services which visitors can take advantage of at a much lower prices than in the UK, and it is only a short plane ride away.

Cost of a treatment of international standards may be as much as 70% less than private treatment costs in the UK. Why not receive the same treatment for so much less?

Hungary is renowned all over the world for its high standards of advanced medical procedures. Private treatment centres and hospitals now apply exclusively internationally accepted standards, techniques, and materials. Many of our medical professionals have gained international working experience from the US and the EU including the United Kingdom.

And being just approximately two hours away from the UK, Budapest is a very relaxing place to recover from medical treatment with the many rejuvenating thermal spas making the experience of having your stay abroad a real “healthcare holiday”.

Hungary has for a long time been a popular destination for international patients, once they cottoned on to the fact that it was much cheaper to have their surgery in Hungary than at home.

Consequently over the past fifteen years or so the market has expanded and an increasing number of dentists and doctors have emerged giving greater access to top class, affordable dental surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, general surgery, and other treatments.